The Draft Machine: Where Championships are Built

Welcome to The Draft Machine, where Championships are Built!

The most important factor in winning your fantasy league is drafting a great team!

Most players consult the draft orders of fantasy “experts” to determine who they should draft.
However these draft orders are not specific to your league settings. What we have created here is a tool that allows you to enter your league settings then creates a combined draft sheet across all positions for you to use on draft day*. Click the market icons to get instant access to the apps!

The Draft Machine has been used to dominate fantasy football
leagues, and it can help you do it too. Bring home the trophy this year!
Championships are built on Draft Day!

Now with more options, The Draft Machine can compute draft orders based on a wider range of league settings and players. Leagues that use any combination of QB, WR, RB, TE, K, DEF, DB, DL, D, LB, S, DE, DT, and CB and many scoring options will fit the program. We have incorporated the collective expert ratings with our value based system to create a hybrid draft order.

*Draft orders do not include rookies. Injured or suspended players from last year will have lower draft orders than you may feel warranted. You will find a list of these players at the bottom of the draft orders with the expert rankings and average draft position.